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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 30, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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they would say there's no women in the council? >> now it's reality. when cathy and vicki are sworn in next week they will be the first women on council since the early 1990s. >> i think it's a great thing. you want diversity. you want different viewpoints. >> reporter: this time the point of view for the people on this panel will be skewed. at least somewhat, to the softer sex. >> which we're wired differently. i think we'll be thinking differently and sometimes we'll bring something different. >> reporter: they got their first view of the table at a planning session tuesday afternoon. joining a group that already has its own set of personalities. >> it's just going to be issue by issue. i think sometimes we'll certainly agree and other times we won't but it will be that way with all of us. >> reporter: a new -- and those ladies will be sworn in during a special ceremony december 6th. cathy bevins will be representing district 6 and almond will serve the people of the second district, you go,
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girls. joce sterman, abc2 news. let's look at tonight's top stories. the father accused of throwing his 3-year-old son off the key bridge in 2008 will spend 50 years in jail under a plea deal. steven nelson pleaded guilty today to murder and child abuse. he admitted to police he threw his son turner off the bridge. the body was found about five months later. police were calling the double shooting in downtown baltimore this morning an isolated and targeted attack. the shooting happened as officers were trying to control a crowd leaving the block on east baltimore near city police headquarters. officers heard gunshots coming from commerce street. when they got there they found a man who had been shot in the the chest and a woman who had been shot in the leg. 20-year-old twin brothers are in custody tonight and they are expected to be charged. the white house says president obama agrees with the pentagon survey that overturning the military's ban on gay service members would
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not disrupt unit cohesion. an obama spokesman says the president continues to believe that the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is divisive and should be overturned through the legislative process. it was discussed during obama's meeting with lawmakers today. more on and off showers today and it was pretty mild but a major rainstorm inbound. it will bring a lot of rain to the area, maybe produce flash flooding and bring up the winds a lot tonight, too. let's look at the map. first, here is that flood watch in effect across most of the state. right through 1:00 tomorrow. then i just want to briefly bring up the wind watch counties here. you can see significant wind concerns just about statewide as well except for the lower eastern shore. have not had a ton of rain yet but you can see just about trace to a 10th of an inch, we expect the totals to soar over the next 24 hours or so. on momaryland's most powerful doppler radar, a lot of rain still out to the west now, in
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fact, tremendous amounts of rain as you go well west toward western part of west virginia. all of that headed toward maryland. later tonight and into the morning hours tomorrow. the rest of the evening just cloudy with showers. it will stay breezy but again heavier rain due in overnight. we'll break down exactly when it finally gets out of here and talk about the cold blast behind it, coming up. in tonight's "health alert," beginning thursday, baltimore city will ban the sale of these alcoholic drinks that contain caffeine. jamie costello has more on the caffeine crackdown. >> reporter: the can is about this-high. i'm told in this can, equivalent of six beers with three red bulls. that is enough for the city health commissioner to call it last call. so these four loko and core high gravity hg green, will be banned starting this coming thursday at 5:00. the city could fine businesses up to $1,000 if they sell the
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drinks. the fda already banned them and the state comptroller already reached an agreement with merchants to stop restocking. stephanie rawlings-blake knows the drinks can be deadly and supports the ban. >> we are acting now because we're concerned about the public health consequences of the masking effects of alcohol, excuse me, of caffeine in these alcoholic beverages. >> reporter: the attorney general also asked the state health department to remove the drinks from liquor stores and taverns. the ban goes into effect this coming thursday at 5:00. jamie costello, abc2 news. new food safety bill has the support of the senate. the bill would toughenle from food inspections and put safe guards in place. the food safety and modernization act would require better recordkeeping and planning by food producers and give the food and drug administration the power to recall contaminated food under
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its own authority instead of relying on industry cooperation. in the spirit of giving many retailers are extending cyber monday shopping deals. still ahead at 5:30, find out which stores are offering the best deals and free shipping. plus, your credit score is even more important than your social security number. coming up, some ways to boost that score.
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when november started things looked good on wall street but as we head into december stocks finished the day and actually the month lower. all three major indexes down thanks to worries over a weak housing report and europe's economy. the dow down 46. nasdaq down almost 27 and s&p 500 down by 7.25. on-line retailers experienced a sales surge yesterday with sales up about 20% compared to last year's cyber monday. the news comes on top of already strong on-line sales numbers on thanksgiving day and black friday. on-line shoppers spent about $1.1 billion on the two days. that is up more than 15% from
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2009. over 106 million americans were expected to take part in cyber monday. that is the internet's answer to black friday. while retailers discovered big discounts in deals marked the big holiday, on-line shopping season is far from over as karen kafa explains, the on-line specials are going well beyond sign cyber monday. >> reporter: cyber monday is the kickoff but it's usually not the biggest on-line retail day of the year. which means consumers have plenty of on-line shopping deals ahead of them. in the spirit of cybershopping some retailers, wal-mart and best buy among them are actually extending monday's discounts through a cyberweek. while was a one-stop shop for deals from over 700 retailers on the big day, the web site will have daily gift card giveways for twitter and facebook followers and fans through december 25th. plus mark your calendar for friday, december 17th.
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that's national free shipping day. 1,000 retailers from apple to macy's to neiman marcus will offer free shipping with delivery by christmas eve. no matter when you shop on-line this holiday season use caution. be aware of return policies and restocking fees. never send credit card information while using public wi-fi and avoid wire transactions. and beware of urls on social networking sites. if you're one of the 70 million americans who plan to shop on your work computer be mindful that nearly half of employers surveyed by career builder say they keep tabs on employees' internet activity. for "consumer watch," i'm karen kafa. >> uh-oh. falling behind during your bills, can lower your credit score. we're giving you tips to help you boost that score so you don't waste your money. and coming up, an out of this world wedding. we're going to take you to the trecky wedding ceremony.
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congress says the cost to taxpayers of that $700 billion financial rescue has been dwindled down now to just $25 billion. it's estimated the government will recoup most of the money spent and that the $25 billion represents unrecovered money used to bail out aig, chrysler and general motors. hough, all three have -- however, all three have paid back some of their rescue money. the most important number that affect our lives is not your social security number. it's actually your credit score. and in this recession, many of us have seen our scores battered. our consumer reporter john matarese shows us how to boost that score so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: many families have fallen behind on some bills during the past two
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years. just one late payment can really lower your credit score. that means you no longer qualify for all those great interest rates and zero percent financing deals. so we have simple ways to improve your credit. erica rodriguez has a problem. she can't get a credit card. can't buy a house and can't rent a car? why not? she has a credit score so low it doesn't even register. >> it's hard for everything. not only if you want to buy a car or house, it's like, you can't rent a car or get an apartment. >> reporter: she's a recent immigrant moving to the u.s. from costa rica two years ago. but now that she's trying to build a life she's stymied at every turn. >> i went to my bank and they said you don't have a credit score. you don't have credit. in this country. so we can't give you a regular credit card. >> reporter: most of us not quite in her situation but many of us have seen our credit score battered by the recession. due to late payments or missed bills.
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credit scores range from 300 to 850 and below 600 forget about a re-fi or even decent car loan. what can you do? personal finance expert crystal faulkner says if you don't have a credit card like erica, start by getting what is called a secured credit card. >> the card issuer takes a deposit and keep the deposit on hand until you can work your way up. >> reporter: she says erica should then stretch out the payments. resist the urge to pay it off every month. >> the fact that you pay off the next day has no impact on your credit score. >> reporter: once you've been using and paying off a credit card apply for a small bank loan. which also improves that credit score. then get a second, even a third credit card. it sounds wrong but crystal says the more open credit erica has the higher her score. just don't max them out. >> it's much better to have more cards with smaller credit amounts on them. >> reporter: finally, resist the urge to cut up cards you
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don't use. that actually lowers your score. finally, financial experts say beware of companies and web sites that promise a quick fix for your credit score for a fee. there is no quick fix. it takes a year or more to build up a poor score. so be careful, take your time and don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. a piece of baltimore history goes on the auction mock -- block this friday. a rare copy of the star spangled banner from 1814 published by thomas carr is expected to sell for about $300,000. he ran a store on baltimore street and rushed to print the song so that frances scott key wrote it while watching the bombing of fort mchenry. he was in such a hurry to publish the song he spelled patriotic wrong under the song title. the auctioneer says that's just of the only 11 copies known to be in existience. the music goes up for sale at 11:00 a.m.
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friday morning. it's being sold by christie's in new york. other auctions, she famously coined the phrase you can never be too rich or too thin. in her case both statements were true. sotheby's is selling 20 pieces once owned by the late duchess of windsor. the duchess also known as american social -- socialite simpson married prince edward. one of the items, a diamond clutch and flamingo broach. expected to sell for over $1 million each. the envelope please. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences announced that anne hathaway and james franco will co-host the 83rd annual academy awards. the two are already established actors and they may get to go home with oscars of their own. franco for his role as hiker faced with an unimaginable
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choice in "127 hours "and hathaway in "love and other drugs." the two young stars will follow in the steps of alec baldwin and steve martin who co-hosted last year. what do princes to be kate middleton and reality star snooky have in common? they are both on the hollywood hottest list. barbara walters has revealed some of her most fascinating people of the year. justin bieber, sandra bullock and jennifer lopez among the names being released. sarah palin is on the list for a third time. all 10 of her most fascinating people will be featured on her annual tv special which airs next thursday, december 9th right here on abc2. we've got an active weather department, huh? >> justin bieber, you can't get
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enough of him? >> i have a 6-year-old. >> true. a family affair. >> for her. i drag along. i'm the driver. >> the driver is out there tonight. a little bit of rain. tomorrow morning in particular. dropping the kids off, going to work. it will be a mess. heavy rain. it will clear out by tomorrow afternoon. a short window but a heavy rain window nonetheless. let's show you outside now. not a lot going on at the moment. actually, just a little hazy out and about. 60 degrees. looked like winter all day. sort of gray murky sky with you it did not -- but it did not feel like it, still doesn't, 60 degrees now. flood watches and also wind watch concerns all across the central part of the state here. basically harford county southward through dc, prince george's county, extending toward washington county, frederick county. this is going to be a lot of rain coming. we think up to one to two inches before it's all done which will be early tomorrow
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afternoon. green county has a high wind concern where winds could push 40 miles per hour. maryland's most powerful doppler radar now, not a lot in baltimore but you don't have to go far west to find tremendous rains from pick pittsburgh, our favorite city this week all the way to western west virginia and southern ohio. a lot of rain that way here, just a little rain tracking up through northern virginia. we'll get more showers tonight. then heavier rain overnight into tomorrow morning. mount airy today, murky, cloudy conditions. yeah, again, a day that looked like winter but didn't really feel like it. we'll take that. if you're going to have a murky day like that at least not too frigid. much colder air on the way. chesapeake beach, mild air too under cloudy skies. some of those wind gusts impressive to the west. reisterstown gusting to 26. clarksburg to 25. chestertown, eastern shore close to 20. right now 60 degrees statewide. a little colder west. winds again pretty heavy across
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the state and they will gust even higher overnight. again, wind gusts tonight could push 30, 40, 45 miles per hour. as we look at your early peak at the neighborhood forecast. all through central maryland, plenty of rain. temperatures will make the upper 50s though. here's that rain on the way. tremendous amount of rain, big moisture fest happening in the gulf, from the gulf of mexico. the rains running up the east coast, heavy rains in eastern kentucky. western virginia and also in the western pennsylvania. so the same storm will plague us with rain overnight into the day tomorrow. one last mild evening and mild start tomorrow. then the cold air will funnel in big time behind this thing as we go into the end of the week. future forecast tonight, heaviest rain probably around 7:00, morning rush hour, always a headache with traffic expected to be worse tomorrow. then tomorrow afternoon, clears out, a drier, clearer day thursday but boy it will be frigid around here on thursday. overnight, 57, flash flood watch. also high wind concerns.
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tomorrow we're talking 60. more rain earlier, then clear out tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night should be dry and much colder. 7-day forecast, as we look ahead, it's going to be awfully chilly for the first days of december. the month making its presence feltful coming in like a lion. maybe a few flurries by friday and even possibly for sunday. we've got a great opportunity for you give back, make this holiday season special for children in need. the 12th year for our kindertime toy drive. we're looking for new inwrapped and unopened toys to make it a merrier christmas for children in need. this year we've teamed up with the baltimore symphony orchestra, we're collecting instruments for their orchestra kids program. to donate, go to our web site,, we have a list of all the dropoff locations right there. we're also giving you a chance to win a brand new i-pad. from now until friday, abc2 is giving our viewers a chance to take home a 32-gigabyte apple
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i-pad with wi-fi. just go to our facebook page and like our fan page. search for abc2 news, click on the "like" button and click on the sweepstakes tab and enter to win. you have to be 18. i'm jamie costello. we get to rewrite history in cecil county. for decades the final resting place for union veteran has been under a confederate tombstone, until now. after a battle of their own his family is now setting the record straight. plus, could mice hold the secret to the fountain of youth? how the little critters are helping doctors reverse aging. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. for a preview of what is ahead on ""world news tonight"" at 6:30. >> coming up on "world news tonight," the holiday shopping season is here. stores are hiring. but what does it take to get those jobs? we'll show you what thousands of americans are doing.
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the town of volken in alberta, canada, attracts treckies of all time. they've built a spaceship and cover all things "star trek." and leonard nimoy visited last summer. a couple thought it would be a great place for an out of this world wedding ceremony. >> the groom wore a formal uniform while the bride sported a matching mini dress. live long and
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prosper, is that right? coming up at 6:00, a story about an organization that is geared to helping the homeless now needs some help tonight. more on their mission to rebuild after a kev devastating fire. coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts now. you are in columbia. we're on the lakefront and the bad weather is about to hit us. the last day of november and the bad weather is about to take a couple of twists and turns as we'll be miserable leading into december. good evening, i think. i'm jamie costello. with your 6:00 news. for just how sloppy it will get let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist wyett everhart. >> yeah, just on and off rain so far today and it's been mild but boy, how things are going to change as we go into the first hours of december. a couple of heavy waves of rain and then the winds and the cold. you're going to feel it by thursday. let's


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